Cheers To A New Year!
In her newest music video, Auni and her band celebrate the strength of friendship through times thick and thin. It is an ode to memories created together and the hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Outdoor Sessions Series
Auni's "Devils and Gods" is a song about society's creation of demons and heroes, reflecting on the lasting impacts of these ways of thinking on our interactions with others.

Cover Songs for Our Times
In two new live videos, Auni performs her renditions of songs that capture the beauty and resilience of the human spirit in the face of hard times.

About Auni

A young songstress from Los Angeles, Auni's enchanting voice and charming melodies wend their way into listeners' hearts and heads in her debut, self-titled EP. Written, arranged, and produced by Auni, the 6-song collection offers a stunning kaleidoscope of style and nuance, each song encapsulating its own miniature musical world. Listeners attest to being able to hear the smile in her voice, refreshing and warm in its vintage color.

The local grocery store lady still knows her as the two year old who tottered through the aisles belting out the soundtrack to "The Sound of Music." At ten, she spent an entire summer figuring out the inner workings of a four-track tape deck her dad bought her, sparking her passion for vocal harmonies. Raised on both The Beatles and Bach, however, Auni first set her sights on becoming a classical musician; it wasn't until her sophomore year of college that she started seriously considering trading opera for folk and writing her own music, spurred by the desire to create something new and more relevant to today's ever-changing social landscape. A few months later, she set off to study philosophy in Paris, towing along her ukulele for its portable size and a couple of melodies scribbled into a notebook. Maybe it was something about living in that city, so inspiring to artists over the centuries, or maybe it was just the right time, but during her year there, hardly a day went by when she wasn't writing music. On the metro, in classes, under downpours in the south of France, she came into her own as a songwriter.

Once back in Los Angeles, Auni started playing her songs for small audiences and was soon joined by a few musician friends, forming a string-based acoustic ensemble, with influences ranging from bluegrass to classical. Her folk quartet has since played in some of Southern California's most prestigious folk venues, with an intriguing live appeal built on their vibrant onstage interaction, as well as Auni's intricate arrangements, ripe with texture and color. Since recording her debut EP, Auni has also made several music videos, the latest of which is a stunning collaboration with director David S. Marfield for "The River" -- a video that has swept the 2017 film festival circuit, garnering several awards for its haunting, timeless rendition of a story of escape and transcendence. Auni is currently preparing to record her full-length album, which is slated for a Spring 2021 release.

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