About Auni
© Bruno Chovet

A Los Angeles native, Auni's enchanting voice and soulful melodies wend their way into listeners' hearts and heads both on stage and on screen. Her uniquely textured, colorful soundscapes create emotional backdrops that elevate the stories they tell.

Raised on Bach and The Beatles, she spent summers learning operas by heart and figuring out the inner workings of four-track tape decks so she could harmonize with herself. Her versatile vocal range and love of dramatic tension initially led her to train as a classical singer, but when she found herself improvising more often than practicing, she realized that composition was in her future. She began writing folk songs and formed a string-based acoustic ensemble that has played in some of Southern California's most prestigious folk venues, with an intriguing live appeal built on their vibrant onstage interaction and Auni's intricate arrangements. She self-produced a debut EP and subsequently developed a close collaboration with director David S. Marfield on several music videos, including 2017's "The River," which swept the film festival circuit and garnered multiple awards for its haunting, timeless rendition of a story of escape and transcendence.

In working so intimately at the intersection of image and sound, she discovered her passion for film scoring. Her string arrangements have naturally bloomed into full-fledged orchestral scores with an avant-garde rock and bluegrass sensibility. With a keen ear and innate sensitivity to narrative integrity, she infuses each project with a distinct sonic palette that brings a director's vision to life. In 2022, she wrote additional score for Paramount action flick Run & Gun.

Her sleeper hit "Twinkling Lights" has been featured by everyone from celebrities to food bloggers on social media in recent years, and she is currently working on a holiday EP that will be released in December 2023. She is also finishing a full-length folk album that is slated for a 2024 release.

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